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68: Nicole Collins

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Hello, Konnekt-000-7 Tribe! Today's episode is all about our guest speaker Nicole Collins! 

Who is Nicole Collins? Nicole Collins is a Filmmaker and host from Louisiana. Although she was born and raised in Alexandria, her 12 years in New Orleans is where she developed a passion for filmmaking. Her acting credits include HBO's 'Treme' and 'Twelve Years a Slave'. Nicole's hosting talents have landed her gigs with the NBA, Essence Festival and We-TV. Nicole has written, directed and/or produced 11 film projects with some being award winning. Nicole's goal is to continue to create content for underrepresented voices. In 2016, Nicole moved to Los Angeles to expand her film and mental health advocacy network. She's currently back and forth between Los Angeles and New Orleans creating film and digital content and producing events for women and girls. Her workshop for young girls called LOVEYours encourages self confidence through public speaking and mentors girls in Los Angeles and New Orleans. In 2019 she received a grant from the California Mental Health Services Authority to produce The Blooming Phoenix Maternal Mental Health Awareness Brunch which sheds light on postpartum depression within the African American community. She is the mother to 8 year old actress, Aadyn Encalarde. 


The Link to the video mentioned in this episode is here:

The fun fact sentence mentioned in the episode is this: "Do geese see God?"

Key points from our guest speaker: 

  • Always change, always evolve

  • Learn from your peers

  • Support your brothers and sisters

  • Surround yourself with good people

  • Take care of your mental health

  • Stay creating

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