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71: Darius Mills

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Blessings and abundance, Konnekt-000-7 Tribe! As you see by the title we have a new guest speaker on the podcast! Darius Mills is a very close and personal friend of mine who introduced me to podcasting a few years back. If it wasn't for him, there would be no Konnekt-000-7! Crazy right!? 

Who is Darius Mills!? Darius is currently 28 years old and he teaches Hoodoo Practitioners to manifest money with a step by step Hoodoo system that has been proven and repeatable with his 8 week course by the name of The Hoodoo Breakthrough! Now if you're wondering what Hoodoo is, then you'll have to hear this episode! It most definitely opened my eyes and cured my ignorance! Darius also currently resides in South Korea as well! 

Let me say this, his come up story from where he started to where he is now is out of this world! You are in for a very raw and personal story of this successful entrepreneur! 

A few key points from this episode:

  • Meditation will change your life

  • Write petitions

  • Be practical

  • Get a teacher

  • Purify yourself

  • Deep breathing vs Shallow breathing


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