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65: Yung Astroo


Hello there konnekt-000-7 Family! I am very excited to share todays guest with you all. His name is Yung Astroo! Astroo is a content creator, youtuber, and an all around entertainer from Maryland, USA. His hard work, passion and creativity is speaking volumes and can be felt in his videos! I personally am a fan of his work and really wanted to get to know him more. I'm very excited for the jewels he will be dropping and sharing with you all today on this episode! 

Fun Fact about him, in the beginning he did not even want to be an entertainer or make people laugh. He actually started off in college, majoring in Criminal Justice! Pay attention to his story about how he transitioned from college to what he does now. It is very inspiring and keep in mind, many people who become great goes through a similar stage in life!

A few things that you will take away from this episode are: 

  1. How to handle pressure from family when embarking on your journey

  2. Why you may need to change your association if you're the smartest person in your circle

  3. The benefits of surrounding yourself with friends who are winners in what they do and big dreamers

  4. The raw truth of why you need to give people a reason to support you in anything you do

  5. A huge tip for video content creators who want to grow, get noticed, and receive loyal fans


I highly suggest that if you want to get a great laugh, follow him on all his social media accounts! Here's how you can find him: 

Instagram: yung.astroo

Twitter: @YungAstroo


Tic Toc: @yungastroo


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