Tier 5

Tier 5

10.00 every month
  • 15 minutes to interview me or ask questions on zoom and I can release the episode on either YouTube or my personal website

  • Suggest new episodes I can cover that relates to connecting with people and I'll make an episode about it

  • 15% off entire store and free shipping

  • Suggest a fun fact and a random piece of advice that would be beneficial to the other listeners on the podcast and I can add that to an upcoming episode with your name mentioned.


We will schedule a time and you can ask me questions or interview me on zoom (similar to skype) and I can post it to either youtube or my personal website. I wanted to create this portion for those who don’t have as much as an easy access to me like some do. You may have great questions you want answered that are best asked over video than over an email or private message.